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multilj's Journal

MultiLJ support
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MultiLJ is a new LiveJournal client - this is its support community
MultiLJ is a new LiveJournal client for Windows XP and above. Its defining feature is that when one requests a user's journal, a Friends page, and so on, it opens an internal browser window - as many as requested - rather than relying on one's default browser. Similarly, it can open as many post editors as one requests, so that if one is working on a long post and needs to send a second post at the same time, this is easily done. Editing and deleting historical posts is supported in the same manner, as well.

Here is a screenshot of the overall application as it stands now:

In this example, there are three open browsers - a journal, a profile, and another profile, as well as a post editor. Note the Friends List to the right, as well as the field above it that one can request journals and profiles that one does not have on their Friends List.

MultiLJ is written in Visual Basic 2008 and requires the .NET 3.5 Framework. The minimum useful screen resolution for this program is 1024*768. Extensive help accompanies the program. The download page can be found here.